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Instant AI Translator

Posted on May 25, 2023 by Stefaan Meeuws

Executive Summary

The Instant AI translator is a speech-to-speech project. 

It uses a microphone, speech-to-text recognition software, a processing unit to match the input and output language, a speaker, and two OLEDs.

All of the hardware is encapsulated in one ruggedized device powered by a rechargeable LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery. It connects to a PC via wireless Bluetooth and WiFi and it can be placed on a countertop or desktop.

The device unit automatically detects the spoken language, translating that into the listener’s speech. An Arduino processing unit connects to the AI which is related to a SaaS.


Arduino NANO 33 IoT is a small, compact development board built around the Atmel SAMD21 microcontroller and the u-blox NINA-W10 series WiFi and Bluetooth module. It is designed for projects that require wireless connectivity, and it features a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, 256KB flash memory, 32KB SRAM, and 14 digital input/output pins. It also has a micro USB port for power and programming and a JST connector for a Li-Po battery. The NANO 33 IoT is compatible with the Arduino IDE and supports a range of sensors and actuators, making it ideal for IoT and smart home projects.

Grove Speech Recognizer and Arduino NANO microprocessor
Grove Speech Recognizer and Arduino NANO

The Grove Speech Recognizer is a module that can recognize voice commands and convert them into digital signals that can be used to control electronic devices such as robots, smart home appliances, and computers.

It uses the EasyVR 3 Plus module, which has a built-in microphone and can recognize up to 32 user-defined voice commands.

The module can be easily interfaced with Arduino boards and other microcontrollers and comes with a library of pre-built examples and commands that can be customized to suit specific applications. The Grove Speech Recognizer is a convenient tool for adding voice control functionality to various electronic projects. It is the fastest way to get started with this project.


Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an open-source software for writing, compiling, and uploading code to Arduino boards. It is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and includes a code editor, a compiler, a bootloader, and a library manager.

The Arduino IDE provides a simple and user-friendly interface for beginners to start programming with Arduino boards. It also includes a serial monitor for debugging and testing the code. The Arduino IDE supports programming in C and C++ languages and provides many libraries and examples to help developers get started quickly.

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