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on languages: translation using AI

Posted on October 19, 2023 in AI,languages,software by Stefaan Meeuws
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From this Youtube video, some markers:



Language can be represented as a geometric shape based on semantic relationships, and different languages share similar shapes.



AI is expanding our ability to perceive and understand the world, including animal communication and conservation.



AI is learning to translate between different languages, including text, images, and motion, revealing the deep structure of the universe.

@tiggerbiggo commented

17:24 is super super profound to me, it sounds like the dolphins and orcas have come up with a “Lingua Franca” – a type of language constructed by traders who do not speak each other’s languages to communicate to facilitate trade. They have literally come up with a new language purely to facilitate hunting together, one that neither group speaks to their own kin. Beyond incredible work!

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