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Leaning American English Idioms: Please Complete

Posted on August 20, 2023 in Stefaan Meeuws,Top Level Category by Stefaan Meeuws
to throw yourself at someone’s feet:
to have the law on your heels:
to spring somebody:
to chew the rag:
to go to pieces:
to burn someone up:
to feed someone a line:
to send someone up the river:
a cattle boat:
to be beside yourself:
to punch cattle:
to put on your tails:
to put on the dog:
the squawk club:
to paint the town red: to go to town to party
the squack club:
a box at the opera:
a cocktail:
to let your hair down:
the foothills:
to chisel in:
to be up against it:
to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth: to be born rich
to not be able to touch someone with a ten-foot pole: to face someone who thinks they’re superior
at the crack of dawn: early in the morning
to get up with the chickens: rise early
to be shorthanded: in need of practical help
to cut the mustard: to be able to do something
a hole in the wall: an apartment in a building
to be beside yourself with anger: very angry
to make some dough: to earn money
to fly somewhere: to take an airplane to somewhere
to step into the picture: to become part of something
our eyes met: to make eye contact
to get goose pimples: to be impressed
hands all thumbs: to be clumsy
clothes that fit as a glove: clothes that fit snugly
hair done up in a bun: (Dutch: je haar in een dotje hebben)
to have money run out on you: to lose money fast
to give someone a date: to make an appointment for a private meeting
to eat like a horse: to eat a lot
to have money run out on you: to lose money fast
a bouncing cheque: a cheque that is not covered by the bank
good looking pins: a cheque that the bank does not cover
to draw a gun on somebody: to pull out a gun
to give someone the slip: to disappear
to have your foot in your mouth: to say something wrong and regret it
a stretch in the jar: a period in jail
an undercover person: someone who is acting on behalf of an unknown party
red tape: bureaucracy
to stretch your legs: to take a walk
to drop in on someone: to pay someone a visit
to turn your back on someone: to reject someone
to get on your high horse: to speak condescendingly to someone
to hang around:to be about someplace
the cat has someone’s tongue: someone is mute
the grapevine: the rumor mill
to play by ear: to act intuitively
a tug at your elbow: someone yanks your elbow
the grapevine: the rumor mill
an old flame: a lover from the past
to spend money like water: to spend a lot
to be connected with: to have some business with
to get in someone’s hair: to annoy someone
raining cats and dogs: a heavy downpour
to feel blue: to be sad
to carry on: to continue with
a beachcomber: someone who makes a living off of what he finds on the beach at low tide (Dutch: een strandjutter)
to send someone a cable: to send a message to someone
to send someone a wire: to send a message to someone
to half-foot somewhere: to go somewhere in a hurry
to grow up overnight: to grow up fast
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