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ChatGPT-4, “Instant AI Translator,” and Waverly Labs’ Product Line

Posted on July 26, 2023 in AI,Nederlandstalig,Projects,software by Stefaan Meeuws

A) ChatGPT-4

I’ve discovered, via contact on X (formerly Twitter), @loveofdoing, that ChatGPT-4 can translate American Slang to West Flemish.

Given this prompt, “Can you translate American Slang to the dialect spoken in West Flanders, Belgium? It is close to the Dutch language”, I got this output from ChatGPT-4:

I can help you translate American slang into the West-Flemish dialect spoken in Belgium, closely related to Dutch. Please note that slang and idioms can vary within regions, so the translations might not perfectly match every local variation. Here are some standard American slang terms translated into West Flemish:

  1. Slang: “Dude”
    Translation: “Makker” or “Moat” (depending on the region)
  2. Slang: “Cool”
    Translation: “Keitof” or “Keigoed” (depending on the region)
  3. Slang: “Awesome”
    Translation: “Keiwijs” or “Keiwreed” (depending on the region)
  4. Slang: “Chill” (meaning relaxed or calm)
    Translation: “Rustig” or “Ontspannen”
  5. Slang: “Crazy” (meaning unbelievable or wild)
    Translation: “Zot” or “Zotjes”
  6. Slang: “Hang out” (meaning spending time together)
    Translation: “Omkletsen” or “Omkurrelen”
  7. Slang: “Wanna grab a bite?”
    Translation: “Ier ies et’n pikk’n?” or “Een haptje goan ett’n?”
  8. Slang: “No worries” or “No problem”
    Translation: “Gi gieëne stress” or “Gi gieëne zurreg” or “Geen probleem” or “Geen kattegespin”
  9. Slang: “What’s up?”
    Translation: “Woarist?” or “Woar zijnder?”
  10. Slang: “Let’s hit the road”
    Translation: “Lodder we’n ip pad” or “Loat ons ip wege goan”

Remember, these translations are approximations, and there may be some variations in different West-Flemish communities. Additionally, as language evolves, slang terms may change or become outdated.

B) Waverly Labs’ Product Line

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