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How to Estimate the Market Size for a Speech-to-Speech Product: A Guide

Posted on May 28, 2023 in Projects by Stefaan Meeuws

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Creating a speech-to-speech product can be monumental, but it sounds like you’re up for the challenge! To estimate the size of the market for such a device, here are the steps you could take:

  1. Identify your potential customers: Identify who could potentially use your product. This could be individuals, businesses, and even governments. For example, tourists might use your product to communicate while traveling, businesses might use it to facilitate communication in international trade, and governments might use it for diplomatic purposes.
  2. Determine the size of each customer group: Using demographic and economic data, estimate the number of potential customers in each group. For example, how many tourists are there each year who travel to a country where they don’t speak the language? How many businesses are there that conduct international trade?
  3. Estimate the potential market penetration: Not everyone in each customer group will necessarily buy your product, so you’ll need to estimate what percentage of each group might realistically be interested. This might involve surveying potential customers, looking at similar products, or using industry reports.
  4. Determine the price of your product: How much will you charge for your product? This should be based on what customers would be willing to pay and what it costs to produce the device and deliver the service.
  5. Calculate the total market size: Multiply the size of each customer group by the estimated market penetration and the price of your product to get the potential market size for each group. Add these figures together to get the total market size.

Remember to account for geographical and cultural considerations. The use of technology varies greatly across different regions of the world, and not all markets might be accessible or open to this kind of product.

Also, consider that the translation industry is significant and that your product may not replace all translators. High-stakes meetings, legal proceedings, and other sensitive interactions will still require human translators due to the subtleties and nuances in language that AI might not fully capture.

Finally, this field is growing, with other companies developing similar technologies. Therefore, the competitive landscape should also factor into your market size and growth predictions.

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