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Private for Retirement Purposes

Starting 1991 I worked for Picanol of America of Greenville, South Carolina. I was paid $2,000 a month off the books. I was working for Picanol of America holding only a tourist visa, not a H1-B visa.

The company (my employer), Picanol of America, deployed me as a Electronics Service Manager to their customers in North America and probably made hundreds of thousands of US Dollars for my services.

I was instructed by management in Greenville, SC by Mr John Vanhee of Vichte, Belgium to blatantly lie to customs and immigration upon arrival in the U.S. coming from Ypres, Belgium where the machine manufacturer has its international headquarters.

My employment with Picanol of America (really just ‘Picanol’ of Belgium) ended after Mr John Vanhee declared he wanted a different Electronics Service Manager.

As it turned out, Mr John Vanhee had attempted to work at the international headquarters, but was desired for his skill by noone there.

So Mr John Vanhee was ‘promoted’ to the position of Vice President of Picanol of America during the time that our work experience intersected. Mr John Vanhee and his spouse had, at that time (1991) a modest newly built house in Pleasanton of Pleasantville, SC. They had two dogs and a special bathroom to bathe the dogs in. They (Mr Vanhee and his wife) described the layout of their house as ‘a party house’.

Somewhere during 1992, my own wife (I was married at the time), Mrs Els Devriese, nearly died of kidney stones and the hospital bills were nearly $7,000.

Upon my return to Belgium, the managing director at the company headquarters, Mr Andre Coole, put a hold on my wages until the $7,000 hospital bill were resolved with the medical insurer.

In fact, it was not certain there even was a medical insurer, so Mr Andre Coole withheld my wages until I myself had cleared the $7,000 debt.

I then hired the services of an attorney of my own, Mr (‘meester’) Stephan Vanhooren (Ghent) to help me fight the mighty Picanol.

Mr Vanhooren’s services were so expensive that I had to end the legal fight, and was left behind to ‘lick my wounds’.

My question is: how should I file my personal financial information on the website in Belgium to make sure I stand to collect a pension for work and services performed in the U.S. but paid off the books in Belgium?

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