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Typically, the one-time retainer for corporate customers is $5,000. A typical one-time payment for a private user to ask some AI questions is $45. A typical monthly sum for a corporate customer to pay is $15,000. If you are considering a yearly payment, you should contact me at so […]

I want to learn a bit of Python 3 today, in one day. What are some good resources for this on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet? 🗒️ Answer 🌐 Sources

Discover how Sidekick, a browser with a subscription-based revenue model, helps prevent distractions and provides a solution for users with ADHD.

Discover popular web frameworks like Django, Laravel, Spring, Express. js, Node. js, CakePHP, Flask, Koa, and Meteor. js for efficient and scalable web development.

Discover popular frontend frameworks like React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, and more. Explore their key features and find the perfect fit for your project needs.